Love, inc.

Social Work

We envision that all the tribes come to know the power and truth of Jesus Christ and raised up into the hands of God.  We have a holistic approach  in our presence. 

  • Spread the word of Christ  through newly established churches among the tribes.
  • Preach the Gospel to every tribal village.
  • Establish Bible schools for the tribal people, including the children.
  • Begin training and holding seminars for the tribal leaders.
  • Hold revival meetings for the youth and women.
  • Have 'preaching tours' or 'Gospel campaigns.'

What Can Be Done In The Next Decade?

  • Open orphanages within the tribes and surrounding cities.
  • Construct housing for widows and the elderly.
  • Establish night school classes for tribal women.
  • Set up tuition centers for tribal children living in the slums.
  • Open residential English medium schools for the needy and poor tribal members.
  • Establish mobile hospitals for the tribal villages and begin health awareness programs and counseling centers for tribal women.
  • Create adult literacy programs among the tribal villages.
  • Open centrally located hospitals for the surrounding tribal villages.
  • Educate the youth for future employment by training them in computers, painting, electronics, photography, videography, etc
  • ​Start and manage nutrition programs for children, pregnant women, and new mothers.