1.  Present Jesus Christ to the lives of everyone in each tribe.  Assist in preparing preachers to relay His message to every tribe in all dialects.

2.  Establish churches within each tribal village.

3.  Relay His Word among the Banjara as well as surrounding tribes.

4.  Assist tribal women through healing meetings.

​5.  Establish training seminars for the house church leaders. 


Love, inc.

We hope to improve the standards, capabilities, quality, and cultural development in all aspects of tribal lives, and to introduce the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • We hope to have trained 2,000 house church leaders and have 8,000 house churches among the tribes.  (A house church is an individual home where a worship service is held.)
  • Introduce the Gospel to 7,000 people a year.
  • Estabish 250 women in Bible schools and in various forms of social work.
  • Introduce 20,000 children to a children's ministry.
  • ​Have 25 church buildings among the tribes.

Orphanage:  ​There is a need to establish an orphanage in Hyderabad that can house 30 children.  These children frequently roam in unsafe areas and we would like to give them a safe place to stay.  To operate such  an orphanage we would need to raise approximately $900 a month ($10,800 per year).

​Senior Homes:  There are many elderly people in these tribes who have no financial support, and in some cases, have absolutely no means of support.  At the least, we would like to provide them shelter and whatever help they may need.  To establish a senior home with 20 residents we would need to raise approximately $700 a month ($8,400 per year).

Transportation:  Most of the tribal villages have no means of transportation.  With a motorcycle and a van for group transport we can take both a medical team and a Gospel team to these remote villages.  We would need $12,500 for a van and $1,100 for a motorcycle.

Sewing Centers:  In many of the remote villages we would like to train 15 women to tailor and embroider their own clothing.  For this, $600 per course would be required.

Site Land:  We require a place to establish our administrative office and our orphanage in Hyderabad.  We are praying to the Lord to help us find the perfect location.  To purchase the land and establish our administrative offices, we estimate $60,000.